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Many of you have been enjoying Benedikt's blog from the road.

We thought you would enjoy getting to know him better, mostly in his own words. He's such a nice guy!

"My mother got me started on violin when I was 6. Most kids in Germany pick up an instrument when they are young. All my neighbors learned the piano, so she decided to show a violin to me. I picked up quickly, and had my first recital in front of a few hundred people when I turned 12.

I loved playing soccer with my buddies in the afternoon and sometimes the time for violin practice got cut short.

It's all about balance. We went to the opera, concert and chamber music early on. I consider myself blessed having been able to hear world famous artists perform. When Star Wars came out I discovered the world of film music. John Williams strong symphonic score for G.Lucas epic film left a huge impression. I didn't know at this time that one day I would pursue film scoring in addition to violin playing.

When I was 16 , another violin giant made a huge impression. Stephane Grappelli, jazz virtuoso since the 1930s showed me a playful and ever changing (improvisation) repertoire. I was hooked, and started swing violin to the dismay of my "classical" violin teachers. Once you mastered the instrument you can switch easily between styles. Now I understand better.

In 1988 I got accepted into an International Youth Orchestra. We went on tour with the late Leonard Bernstein. How infectuous. I cried when he passed away two years later. Unforgettable musical performances. He gave it all and so did we. We were on fire. Those things teach you more than 8 years of Conservatory.

Yanni also impresses me . His vision and love for detail shows in all aspects of the show. Most people don't know that.He works very long hours to achieve the maximum result. Sarah o Brien recommened me to Yanni and after sending in my music he gave me a shot playing for the Acapulco Video last year.

I love movies and art and used to go to the theaters 3 -4 times a week to see a film.

What I like... Impressionists, Mozart, Mahler, Mancini, Legrand, Beatles, Bach, Brahms just to mention a few.

What I don't like... Abuse, Violence, Noise, Talking a lot before breakfast Smiler

Places I like: Paris, Munich, Santa Monica, Nice, Seattle

If I could take a year off, I would travel the world.

You can read about me on .
(YMusic Muse says it's a great bio!)

I specialize in Jazz (Swing) violin ( ) and new age/crossover instrumental music with my electric violin ( ).

In addition I write concert music and filmscores.

I have 1 swing CD and 2 new age CDs out.

Here's a great review on Benedikt - YMM
Benedikt is an award-winning composer and performer. His scores have been featured in film, television and on the concert stage in the United Sates and internationally.

From the Miramax documentary “Rhyme & Reason” to independent films like” Dunsmore”, directed by Academy Nominee Peter Spirer, from Jon Voight’s children tale “The Tin Soldier” to the mysterious “Outpatient” (starring Justin Kirk), whether using traditional orchestral or electronic techniques.

He contributed music to USA’s mini-series “Spartacus” and worked on blockbusters like “Entrapment” and “Urban Legend” with composer Christopher Young.

Having been a violin child protégé since age 6 he now holds a masters degree in performance and performs regularly with local symphony orchestras and chamber ensembles. He has concertized and recorded with Leonard Bernstein, Sir Georg Solti, Etta James, Sinead O’Connor, and many others. He specializes in jazz violin and released a CD with guitarist John Reynolds, grandson of famour silent movie actress Zazu Pitts.

As an arranger, orchestrator and producer he has worked with John O'Hurley ( "Seinfeld" ., "Dancing With The Stars" ), violin stylist David Wilson, electric cellist Marston and many others.
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Yanni Fan
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W-O-W we always knew Yanni has only the best musicians in the world in his orchestra and Benedikt is proof! I can hardly wait to see you perform. Thanks for the introduction.

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Yanni Fan
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What an amazing musician for Yanni to have in his Orchestra!!

the Squirrel
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Yanni Fan
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Thank you YMusicMuse for the history on Benedikt. Yanni is very lucky to have him in his Orchestra and we are lucky and proud.

"Look at the sunset. If it pleases you, you're a happy man." - Yanni

Love Is All
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Yanni Fan
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thanks for the feel of aquaintance that you are helping to create, muse!
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Yanni Fan
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Thanks so much Muse,

Benedikt is amazing and so nice . I am enjoying his post and pictures. Smiler

Peace be with you

Folks will know how large your soul is by the way you treat a dog.
Charles F. Duran

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