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When you first meet Anna, you might think she's shy, quiet, and just a really good violinist.

Maybe...but she's a whole lot more. You won't believe all she's done, where she's been, and who she's performed with!

Read on...and be sure to look at all of her links! Great music, and she's into some really cool stuff!,
and...she's going to be in the remake of "Fame," coming in September, 2009! Here's the preview...

Taken from

Los Angeles solo Artist, musician, composer, and producer, Anna Stafford's music adds a rich arena of new, uplifting string performance styles to the Los Angeles Entertainment Industry and abroad. From TV appearances to recording sessions to her eloquent compositions, Anna adds an unprecidented and rich, enduring charm to the Los Angeles music scene.
Anna's string production includes five Vitamin Records String Quartet Tribute Albums to Thrice, Lacuna Coil, INXS, Deftones, and Morrissey, and solo albums including Christina Aguilera and DMC. Anna's arrangements and compositions include work with producer Joel Diamond, DMC, Zenvox, Strings Magazine, Vitamin Records, Storm Productions, Prism Trio, and Bel Air Presbyterian Church. Her television arrangments include the documentary "Alexander the Great," and film short "Well Sooted" (2006). Her TV credits include the Ellen Show, JC Penny Jam, and work with artists Mary J Blige, Liann Rimes, 3 Doors Down, and Andrea Bocelli. As a live show artist, she has appeared onstage with Thrice, 30 Seconds to Mars, Jack's Mannequin, MASS Ensemble, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme. Recent performances with Kelly Clarkson led Anna to appearances on The Tonight Show, The Early Show, and Good Morning America.

Anna produces commercial albums with her cellist husband John under StringVision Studios. Their full commercial studio is home to artists seeking high level string production and energizing rock n' roll music for strings.

Anna performs on a 2006 David T VanZandt violin and a 1813 Wilkenson and Perry Irish Fiddle (pictured). For rock jobs she performs on a Yamaha Electric 5-string EV205 with a POD Line 6 pedal board, and Samson Wireless System. Her sound is romantic, gutsy, transparent, and powerful. She prefers Pirastro Evah Pirazzi strings. For TV and amplified performances she highly recommends the Schertler STAT-V pickup, which unlike any other pickup retains much of the genuine acoustic quality and natural timbre of the violin.

Anna Stafford began composing and playing piano at age seven and the violin at age nine. A native of Washington State, Anna studied under Janis Upshall at the University of Puget Sound. At the young age of 18, Anna composed and recorded a symphonic work for the Tacoma Youth Symphony.

Anna received her BA summa cum laude from Gonzaga University, where she studied philosophy, theology, and violin under Juilliard-trained violinist Sister Xavier Courvossier, Tracy Dunlap, and composition under Fr. Kevin Waters. Anna studied abroad in Florence, Italy, performing in many parts of Italy and Germany, and traveling across Europe and the Middle East. She studied under violinist Warwick Lister of the Firenze Orchestra Musicale. Anna received her MM Composition with scholarship from Arizona State University, where she specialized in music concrete, electronic music, and avant garde string production. Anna resides in Pasadena.

Anna is endorsed by Yamaha, Pirastro, Samson, and Schertler.
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What a wonderful article YMusicMuse.. Anna is a very talented Artist... Thank you for posting this for us...

"Look at the sunset. If it pleases you, you're a happy man." - Yanni

Love Is All
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