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July 11, 2016, 09:04 AM
I purchased tickets to Mystic Lake Casino Hotel for the July 31st concert. I splurged for my retirement present. A week later I found out I cannot attend because a family event is happening in New Mexico. I am from Iowa. I really can't afford my splurge of $458.55 just to not use. Also, it would help with my ticket to NM. I have tried unsuccessfully to get the tickets refunded but I get no compassion from the Yanni contact. Someone would be glad to have these great tickets. Can anyone help?

July 11, 2016, 02:15 PM
Hi Cori,
I think some of us have been in similar circumstances and have found success in finding a new home for tickets. I have seen fans using the YMB, the Yanni Community website: (http://yannicommunity.com/main/authorization/signIn?target=http%3A%2F%2Fyannicommunity.com%2F)

and Stubhub for selling their tickets. If you use Stubhub, they charge a fee, so be sure to read up on how this website works beforehand.

Good Luck!
July 12, 2016, 08:55 AM
Sherry Montgomery
Cora,where are the seats located at the venue? We will try and spread the word and see if we can help you find fans that can purchase them.also if a Fan would like to purchase them. How will the ticket be sent to them to insure safe arrival before the concert. Sorry to hear you will be missing the concert but hope you enjoy your family reunion! I love New Mexico Lobe I attended The University of New Mexico at Los Alamos and lived for awhile in Espanola..Truly ""The Land Of Enchantment"

Until the last moment,