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Wow! What a FANTASTIC SHOW! I had such a great time, no words to describe...addictive.

I met many wonderful people from the board, have some great pictures, had cool experiences I'll never forget like hearing Karen practicing her violin before the show, no speakers, no sound board, just her violin, meeting some of the musicians after the show. This concert tops all others!
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Hi again Pianomom.....Midnighthymn and Peaches were there.
Wonderful memories abound from the whole day
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Hello Pianomom!!!! It was sooooo nice to meet you and Herema at the concert!!!!! I, too, have a nice picture (that you took!) Wasn't it a GREAT time? I am still somewhere in YANNI SPACE!! We got a wonderful surprise for the second half of the show.... my hubby had met a couple that were sitting in the floor section, last row and were bumped up to the first row! Anyway, I asked if I could trade seats for just 5 minutes with him and he said yes and then a very sweet YANNI fan heard me and gave me her tickets for the 15th row!!!!!! The ushers moved an end seat to accommadate my husbands W/C. Great seats!!!! I wish I could thank her again because I feel that from the first row, it is hard to see everything. We had a great time and also got pics of David & Charlie and talked to Dan!!!!! A night to remember for ever.......
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Hello.....we DID have a wonderful night we had in Ft Wayne!!!

Normally, I do not get floor seats because I usually get behind some tall person and strain to see the show. But for some reason, I kept the offered seating for Ft Wayne. Good thing I did too!!!!! I would not have had the chance to meet the person setting next to me....PEACHES and MIDNIGHTHYMN....what a wonderful couple (and little "Peaches" too ) it turned out..the seats in front of us remained empty the entire show and we got center stage viewing without obstruction.

When the music began, the world went away.

Charlie likes our YMB pins...he wants he is getting one in Raleigh on Sunday. Those guys are so wonderful....all of them.

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Hi everyone. I'm so sorry I missed you. I was supposed to go up for the concert, but where I live, the schools were out due to snow and that blew all my plans. I was there in spirit dancing right with you!
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The Ft. Wayne concert was phenomenal!! It was another great experience!! I was nice to meet Herema, PianoMom and 13Yearsafan at the concert.

Did all of you enjoy dancing to "NIKI NANA" WITH YANNI? I thought he did enjoy watching us I think we were quite a hit in Fort Wayne.
Maybe we can be his new "back up dancers".

I noticed quite a few people commented on my shirt of Yanni and I on the front. I had the shot taken in Grand Rapids, Michigan a year ago. I KNOW Yanni saw me with my shirt on and I some of the band members commented on my shirt too. I enjoyed meeting Dave, Charlie and Dan after the show to get autographs.

Yanni I hope you read the letter that Tony M. sent you and will honor his request.


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