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Fri, November 26, 2004

Great Greek!


If you think the music of John Tesh belongs in an elevator - if the appeal of Sarah Brightman, Michael Bolton or any Irish tenor on stage anywhere, anytime, is beyond understanding then you can go back to your Metallica collection - you didn't miss a thing you wanted to see last night when proto-Greek god Yanni took the stage at Rexall Place.

Yanni is an ex-rock musician who rode the surge of electronica and New Wave into public consciousness some 20 years ago. While New Wave left a bad aftertaste and receded, Yanni, he of the modest nature, Tom Selleck good looks, flowing locks and impeccable musicianship, bounded past his roots to create his own niche. And what a niche - he has sold 10 million records, is one of the most successful road acts in the world and his video Live at the Acropolis has raised a reported $12 million for PBS. His music is now required at Olympic Games and other international sports events.

Yanni (Chryssamalis), dressed in simple back pants and grey sweater, bounded on stage last night at Rexall Place to a clap of thunder that surely came from Mount Olympus itself. A jolt of electricity zapped the place. Bathed in the spotlight stolidly behind his bank of keyboards or moving fluidly about the stage with more hair flips than Britney, he was a commanding presence for the entire concert. Often his left hand would pump out the bass while his right seemingly plucked tunes from the air. His music can be categorized, I suppose, as electro-pop, but it quickly reaches a near-hypnotic state with its thundering beat, cathedral chords and simple melodies that play much better in a live setting than it does on CD. In keeping with his world-music reputation, he was backed up by an orchestra of 35 or so peppered with soloists of astonishing musical depth. Before the evening was over, we heard Australian aboriginal instruments, ethereal obligatos, full-bore operatic voices, numerous synthesizers and strings, a Chinese flute, a hammer dulcimer, and four harps played by a musical United Nations.

The Greek piano man brings with him enough smoke and mirrors to compete with the biggest rock shows on the road. There is a spectacular video presentation to go with the music with three huge screens, and cameras swooping and zooming over the audience. The result is pure spectacle with the screens providing a more intimate bird's-eye view of the performers.

And what performers! He may be centre stage but Yanni is a courtly host giving full credit in a series of low-key but gracious introductions to some very impressive backup musicians. The Australian aboriginal instrument, the didgeridoo, was featured in a friendly but rousing duel with Yanni's percussionist, Charlie Adams, who is a show-stopper himself. At one point, Adams left his enormous drum rig at the back of the stage, and after a bit of banter with the maestro, sailed into a tight drum solo, centre stage on a smaller kit that, time and again, brought the audience to ecstatic applause.

One could go into the delights of the various musicians as they took centre stage for their solos but each one was better than the last.

I doubt if there was anyone in the hall who was not impressed, even overcome, by the laid-back charm of Yanni and the drama and musicianship he brought to Rexall Place. It was a very satisfying evening. As I'm writing this, all 5,000 patrons are on their feet cheering.

Even a Metallica fan would approve.
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Yanni Fan
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quote: As I'm writing this, all 5000 patrons are on their feet cheering.....

Awesome review... Hats off to Yanni! Yanni, you're the best! Wink


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Yanni Fan
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Yes a great review in the Edmonton Sun. It fit the concert to a tee. Aside from the sun's review, do not look at the Edmonton Journals review because the writter does not like new age or even Yanni. I dont know why anyone could not enjoy the concert by being there.

Looking forward to seeing the next concert when Yanni comes back.
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Yanni Fan
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Nice to meet you Norman,WELCOME TO A VERY SPECIAL PLACE.
I have a Yanni quote here for you, I am sure after reading it you will see how Yanni thinks about CRITICS.
In a tv.interview last MAY 18-03.caLL,

Yanni was asked by the interviewer Rita,what he thinks about CRITICS,

I am quoting Yanni,
I think thats fair",fair!Rita said,
"Ya of course if you don't li.."(unfinish word),then he said,"if you think something's boring,it is,FOR YOU"end of quote.
I applaud him.

This will show you that Yanni is very smart, and does not worry about those CRITICS.
I love the way he thinks on that subject.I am sure you do too. SmilerSmilerSmiler

A Friend In Yanni, Isabelle
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Yanni Fan
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I am brand new to this board, and have never done this before - I was among the 5000 on their feet at the Edmonton concert. I have eclectic taste in music to say the least, so have seen various shows over the years, and would have to say this one rivals anything I have seen or heard. I became a fan of Yanni's from the first note I ever heard years ago - he reached inside and touched something that has never quite been the same since. Good for you, Colin M. to recognize that while we all have different tastes in music, there is no disputing the impact that Yanni has on those who love him and his music. I would not have missed the opportunity to see him live for anything - he continues to reach inside an touch places I did even know existed - he makes me feel an absolute roller-coaster of emotions and sweeps me off to places unimagined. May I never touch down.
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Yanni Fan
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I toured up to Edmonton just to see Yanni. A twelve hour drive was well worth the spectacular show him and his other musicians put on that evening. I never wanted it to end. And honestly if you'd ask my sister she'd say we were rocking out like we were at a rock concert. I tell you when they started to play Aria(our favorite song) I was out of control Big Grin It was the most incredible show I've seen and would love to see him preform again. Great music for life!A fan forever.
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