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A Houston Salute! - Article in the Houston Chronicle Login/Join 
Posted Jan. 16, 2004, 7:43PM

From an article

Copyright 2004 Houston Chronicle

Super Monday

CBS Sports anchor Jim Nantz wants to clue Houston in on everything about the Houston Salute that will kick off Super Bowl Week Jan. 26. It's going to be a spectacular event that he says "will be like the opening ceremonies of the Olympics."

There won't be 3,000 costumed athletes and dancers prancing around with flags in Reliant Arena. But you will see 38 Houston sports legends handing off the official game ball in a torchlike presentation that will end with former President George Bush passing it on to NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue.

Nantz was the mastermind of this first-ever Super Bowl opening ceremony. He is as excited as a kid waiting for Santa. And he wants Houston to know that it's not just a sporting event but a concert as well.

New-wave music star Yanni and his 25-piece orchestra will provide an evening of entertainment that will serve as the musical thread running through the event.

Yanni is supercharged about the Super Bowl as well and plans to remain in town all week for the festivities. Nantz reports that the musician not only is providing his services for the Houston Salute without charge but also purchased the first top-dollar table at the event. Yanni's check for $100,000 is already in hand.

The highlight of the evening will come when the two Super Bowl team coaches meet onstage and along with Bush, Tagliabue and Houston Texans owner Bob McNair raise the Super Bowl flag. Then Yanni and his troupe will present his masterpiece, Santorini.

The evening, with tickets starting at $100 and available through Ticketmaster, will benefit the NFL Youth Education Town.
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Yanni Fan
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Thanks, YMM, great article. That's very generous of Yanni and the musicians to donate their time; and pay on top of that. I sure hope it's televised so they get the exposure they deserve!

Supercharged, eh? LOL As in turbo? All week? I imagine a few parties. Well I hope everyone has a great time, just make sure you feel better in time for the game! Can't miss the Superbowl. Seeing a "thousand points of light" and missing the game wouldn't be "prudent." LOL
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******* **********
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Yanni Fan
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Yanni Fan
Picture of Judi
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"New-Wave" Hmmmm, sounds like the ocean coming to shore.

I haven't heard that term before.

Thank YMusicMuse! For the cause! Love it!

Had to come back here. I like the first article too.

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What an honor for yanni and a great treat for the people that will be there.Wish it was me.
A friend in yanni,
sister 15,

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Yanni Fan
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Really great of Yanni to donate his time, and money to this Event. Wish I was going to be there to hear Yanni and his 'Super-charged' band! Bet the stands will be rocking from the first beat to the last. :-) Lucky Houston too - to see Yanni all week!


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Yanni Fan
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We would not have thought Yanni would do any less!! His kindness and generosity are only surpassed with his ability to make the most wonderful music in the world.
I am so excited to be able to be there. I still have to pinch myself, but I better not make too many black and blue marks.
In Peace and Love,

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Yanni Fan
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A generous and wise investment in our youth (our next new waves...gentle smile) and, in our future!
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Yanni Fan
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To you dear YMusicMuse,THANK YOU SO MUCH .I have a big smile again.

I hope we can see that show somewhere even after it is all done.
Is it going to be FILM- VIDEO TAPE? That would be a great TV.SPECIAL thats for sure on CBS.across the country,their rating would go right through the roof.

To Yanni and the musicians you are the BEST. WWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOW.

A Friend In Yanni, Isabelle
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