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Hello everyone,

We've got a wonderful article to share with you. The text is below but please visit the actual article link. There are several wonderful videos included.

Yanni Gives a Historic Performance by Burj Khalifa!

October 29, 2011 11:57 PM
Lamiaa Elkholy
World musician Yanni gives an outstanding performance underneath Burj Dubai for his first middle eastern concert.

Yanni Gives a Historic Performance by Burj...
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Yanni - video and image edits credit to Lamiaa ElKholy

Greek musician Yanni gave an outstanding performance in Dubai underneath the tallest building in the world; Burj Khalifa.

Yanni’s concert held Friday Oct. 28 lasted for two whole hours and the setting glittered with lights as the fully occupied open theatre shined with beaming mobile phones trying to capture the highlights of this musical event.

Impressed by the scene that is crowned by the beautiful fountain of Dubai and the glittering tower, Yanni welcomed his fans with Arabic words saying “Salam Alykom Dubai Ana Saeed fe Dubai” and promised to come again next year causing the audience to cheer for a long time while he played his signature pieces as well as several from his new album “Truth of Touch.”

Yanni brought along his multi-ethnic band of fifteen members each on their own instrument demonstrated on stage their outstanding mastery.

The world musician presented the stories behind the composition of each musical piece and what they meant to him stating that his music always come from happy moments and dear memories.

Yanni played a dedicated song to his mother “Felitsa,” another to his home town, played his popular collection “Santorini,” “Marching Season,” “One Man’s Dream” as well as “Nightbird” ;the one he wrote for his concert at the forbidden city in China.

Yanni reflected on the turbulent world condition and spoke a message of hope to the audience who refused to leave and screamed his name over and over.

Thanking his audience for a great night, Yanni wrapped his Dubai concert saying “ I just want you to remember that everything great that has ever happened to humanity has begun with a single thought in someone’s mind if any one of us is capable of such a thought then all of us have the same capacity, capability because we are all the same and we proved it here tonight…now I know our world is going through a very difficult time right now but I will never lose my faith in humanity and our incredible ability to overcome just about anything we are challenged with.”

Covered and written by Lamiaa ElKholy
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Yanni Fan
Picture of Alba from Brazil
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Thank you, YMM!!

It´s always great to read so good reviews and articles about Yanni and his performances around the world!

Warm regards and enjoy a great week ahead!
Alba from Brazil
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Yanni Fan
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It is always a pleasure.....! Lobe

Thank you Muse.....

"Look at the sunset. If it pleases you, you're a happy man." - Yanni

Love Is All
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Yanni Fan
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Hello dear YmusicMuse. Hug
Congradulations toTHE YANNI.
I am touch again,and it brings a tear to my eyes by his great WISDOM those words make me see that the world need THE YANNI and his music more than ever.
I pray it will come true for all of us. Lobe

Me agape Isabelle
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