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WIFI Problem !!!! Please Help

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March 29, 2018, 03:43 AM
WIFI Problem !!!! Please Help

I have problem with my WIFI, I have the Archos 5 Android - 8GBThe Wifi disconnect randomly every minute or five or sometimes every 15 to 20 minutes ! if I try to reconnect it gives me the Unsuccessfull Message, the only way to reconnect is to turn the Wifi Off/ On !! even when I restart the device it will not connect and needs the Wifi off then On in order to reconnect !I have Netgear Access Point and having no problems at all with my Ipod Touch and Laptop.I am using WPA-TKIP on my access point and tried setting the Archos Powersave On/Off which didnt solve the problem, also I tried to manually choose the WPA on the Archos but the problem is still the same.On my IPod Touch, even on standby mode, it connects every 20 minutes to pull my emails and then disconnect, while it stays connected if the device is connected to the power charger.
On my Archos, it is disconnecting on standby mode no matter what settings I choose (Power Save off/on) and the email application can't initiate the connection and pull the emails unless the device is on the power charger and the WIFI is connected ! however even on the power charger the WIFI will disconnects after short time due to the problem mentioned above !!PLESASE HELP ! I formatted my Archos using the Repair tool under the settings but the problem still the same ! Did anybody have the same problem ?

Please help.

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