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Yanni Fan
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Hello Donna,

I'm not posting here much anymore since I'm hardly on the internet much and playing with creativity elsewhere but peeked at the board this morning and I have to say your story grabbed me suddenly. I can empathsize with what you've gone through. It is a rare condition and I wanted to let you know that you are not alone. They found the cholesteatoma in on one of my middle ears when I was 5 and I've had thirteen major surgeries since the disease itself kept returning like a cancer, and destroying everything in it's path. Also had hundreds of minor ones in the office as well. It's a nasty disease if not controlled. I'm well past any prosthesis bones and ear drums (have had five sets made, all of which the disease ate) and now enjoy an empty ear with no bones or ear drum since that seemed to help stop the disease from recurring.

I opted to keep the hearing loss over the tumor returning. It's worked like a charm and I've been tumor free since 1987. The tumor was as close to one millimeter from my brain in 1984 and required surgery that lasted seven hours. It can be fatal if not controlled and I still see my ENT once or twice a year the rest of my life. I'm glad your story has a happy ending. You're one of a very few that I've seen write about having the same condition. Music is the most important thing in my life and I am grateful to be here to hear it, even if it's not as loud as for others. I'll make it louder lol. I'm very proud of you.
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Yanni Fan
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That was such beautiful story! I really enjoyed reading it and I hope that things only get better for your hearing as time goes!
God Bless You!

Sebastian Sebastian
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Yanni Fan
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isn't it wonderful to have a gift given, in this case yanni's music...then experience what happens to that gift when another weaves into it their story, their colors, and their experiences...and in doing so adds something to it and gives something back? you have to love that process! thank you so much for sharing.
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Yanni Fan
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Yanni's music hit me about 4 years ago, when I was 12... At that time, my school is having a music contest, for all instrument and even "voiceS"...So, I decided to participate in the contest, for I had been learning the Piano for 3 years at that time. But the trouble was when I heard the rehearsal of some other groups or students, I was totally shocked because they played soooo good...And then I started to worry about my song...I had to choose another song if I want to win... So my brother, who is a very reliable person, sended me Yanni's "Acroyali/Standing In Motion ". He also taught me how to play it with 2 keyboards and a floppy disk. I practiced the song for about 2 weeks before the contest started. When I was practicing it, I feel an enormous amount of emotion flowing inside me...such inspirable the music is ! I tried to play it with all my passion and my heart...
And then the day came, I stepped on the stage, shaking but keeping one word in mind: "Be Strong"...
Just after the show ended, and after a few minutes of palpitation, the judge declare the result, and I can't not believe that I won the 1st prize ! It was such a great moment of life...
From that day on, Yanni's music is still keeping an important part in my soul and my heart...I can notdo homework , or just can't feel the energy, the peace without it... His music is "purely" pure, and I have been followed him from the day he released "Live ! The Concert Event". I have many wishes, but the big one is: I could see him perform live, and methim...someday !
Wishing him and the Voices all the good things !
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Yanni Fan
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I knew yanni for the first time by seening the cover of TRIBUTE albume in one of my friends's home, I asked him who the guy in the pictuer was, and he told you have got to listen to him. Immediately I was cought by Deleverange then by the rest of the alboum, but I have not fallen in love with yanni untill I heared another alboum which had in it Standing in motion, because I was knowing this song long before I knew Yanni. after knowing that he wrote Standing in motion I had a mission that took me around 8 years to accomplish, the mission was to get all of his melodies and songs. I became an addicted person to Yanni
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Yanni Fan
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What a beautiful story...I was reading it when i was hearing "To Take To Hold" and it touched me.
Yanni plays by heart...I played the Violin because of his Music...his music just keeps coming to my mind !!!
I have for him a great deal of Respect and Love...
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Yanni Fan
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Donna...very nice & touching story Smiler

Thanks for sharing it with us Smiler
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Yanni Fan
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Yanni's music entered my life on the radio and lifted me way up! Oh happy day.. Been there ever since.. Wink

"Look at the sunset. If it pleases you, you're a happy man." - Yanni

Love Is All
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Yanni Fan
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Lannette, This story always makes me smile,too. Thanks for sharing...again. Smiler
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Yanni Fan
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I met Yanni many years ago on an island. He was playing at my hotel with Zed. We met at a local beach by accident and talked as friends for a few hours.

I lost touch with him but finally went to his Tribute concert in 1998, a ticket purchased by my then 16 year old daughter. She wanted me to verify if this was the man I'd met long ago. Yes it was.

Joined this fan site in 2001 and became friends with many on here and began attending concerts. Just thrilling to see him afar and hear and see that life had brought to him all that he had hoped for so long ago.

Was only able to see Voices once in Chicago but it was everything I ever dreamed for him. Being affiliated with a fabulous producer, Disney, etc. He has never disappointed me musically and I am taken to many emotional plateaus while listening.

So, for most of my adult life, I'd had the pleasure of following Yanni's career. I wish him nothing but the best and hope that he will gather the Voices again for another tour. What ever he comes up with, I'll be there!

I'd still love to see him perform at the Alhambra Palace and do the musical score for a major Disney movie so I can watch it with my grandchildren and tell them about my meeting Yanni and about his life's story and his perserverance and determination. He is a wonderful example of following his heart and today need more success stories and role models don't you think?

God Bless you all and Yanni and his family.

ps. my other story is on the older forum if you want to read it.

td/carol lee
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