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Yanni Fan
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Hi YMusicMuse:

We all have our own stories of how Yanni came in to our lives; how we became enriched his music. And to each of us, the moment we allowed Yanni in to our lives; our hearts, became a pivotal moment that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Many of us will even pass down the stories to the next generation, in the hopes that we may be able to influance them in a small way to open their hearts; their minds, and let there be a peace.
Through the years, we all have had several moments that Yanni's music was needed to get us through a moment in our lives; how it moved our spirit. And in each time, we found the energy to move on, and to be thankful for the message he leaves within our hearts.
for many of us, the minute we opened our hearts to the magic sounds that could only come from a great composer, our lives were forever changed. It's as though God had spoken to us. In some cases, our very health was affected by our ability to allow his music to heal us.
Yes, each moment is unique to each of us, and will never be repeated ever again in exactly quite the same way, but in each story that has been shared, we are able to relate the feelings that we all felt. We have all found comfort iin his gift to all of us, and for that, we will always be grateful.
And for those who have yet to have a defining moment, where Yanni has been our small salvation to get through the rough times, but have never-the-less allowed themselves to be taken in by his message of love, and of hope, your time will come, and when it comes, you will be able to smile. You will be thankful that you made the decison to open your heart to someone who was once a complete stranger, but is a very unique friend.
We all love you, Yanni. You have indrictly guided us, and provided us with an energy we didn't know we had, and we became a better person because of it. And through others that have also been inspired, we have become one unified body, to provide support. That has allowed us to get through the rough spots.
We have all found oursleves, and each other because of one man. And we all hope that those messages are allowed to continue for a very long time. But if that is not to be, let the messages that have already been said, be allowed to be repeated.
We have all been great friends, and there is no doubt that we would have never ever known each other otherwise. there are many that we have met only in this medium, and others that we have had the pleasure to meet in person, and we say to each other, 'thank you.'
Let our lives be always be affected by what we have experienced here, and for what we are about to experience. We have formed a bond, that knows no boundries. The lines on a map, they really don't exist. And with our help, perhaps it will stay that way.

Bro #1
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Yanni Fan
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Dear Yasmina

I see that you got a very good story as well a very good answer for you question from RflxnsNdaMrr. Anyhow, I just wanted to say that also I read in Yanni’s book that he mentioned that his piece of music (Standing In motion) was granted the Moazart effect on the brain of human while they listen to it. So, definitely there is an effect on human when listening to his music.
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Yanni Fan
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No I didn't lose my mind Iam still here and Iam feeling great Smiler

I just finished the book it's very inspiring.

Thanks Yanni!
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Yanni Fan
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One Man's Dream Is The Music That Made Me An Slave Of Yanni's Beautiful Music

Yanni's Bests Are "The Flame Within" And "Deliverance" In My Comment.

Yanni Forever
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Yanni Fan
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"How Yanni's Music Found You?"

It found me in a total mess
By his music, I knew I was blessed
My world was falling apart fast
I saw no future, only a dark past

Soothing music entered my life
Amidst terrible pain and strife
His music made my woes fade away
Soon, I could see to find my way

Almost a decade later, I listen still
Each album always fits the bill
Forever, I will be grateful
For music so beautiful

thanks Yanni for "finding" me through your music.


me agapi kai filia

Anyone finding my mind, please send it back to me. I will pay for postage.
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Yanni Fan
Picture of Greenfaerie
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Oh! Wow! So exciting experiences from Yanni´s fans. I got introduced to Yanni´s music when I was 15 y.o. Now I´m 34! A friend borrowed me a CD with a New Age music compilation of many artists. Yanni played the Song for Antarctica. I was mesmerized with this song, so I began to look for more of Yanni´s music. Unfortunately, here in Mexico there was no many music stores that sell New Age music at that time, but in a travel to US, I saw all the Yanni´s music cassettes! I bought "Keys to Imagination", "Out of Silence" and "Chamaleon Days"(I have all this cassettes yet). One or two years after that, I could find his music here in Mexico and I could complete my Yanni´s music collection. Yanni and his music came to my life to fulfill an empty space in my mind and my heart. My imagination was desperate to find music like the one Yanni composes. And my big (public) secret...I fell in love with Yanni!!! LOL. The first concert here in Mexico was a dream come to true for me...too exciting! I have "If I could tell you" CD signed by Yanni, by his own and sexy hand!I have to say: thank you Yanni, thank you for being in my life with your music and your charm. I think I would not be the same person if I had never met your music and the great person you are.Thank you! Love you!
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Yanni Fan
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Well it was indeed a very blissful evening when got Yannis DVD in which he had performed at the Taj Mahal on indias 50th Independence Day.
It was so splendid, full of melody, so healing to my soul... so much connecting me to God. All the musicians playing there were in their own trance like state, putting out their best, and at the same time enjoying it.
Myself being a hawaiian guitarist I felt so inspired, that I connected my guitar to my pc and started playing with the the flow. It was so spontaneous and i could feel and sense the mood of the music and play along with it.
I have uploaded the my guitar recording ob you tube also Smiler
Robert James on hawaiian guitar with yanni music

Love, Peace and Compassion is all what soulful music is about...
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Yanni Fan
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How well I remember strolling thru the bedroom, with laundry in hand, stopping dead in my tracks to say "OMG, who is that?" It was Yanni on PBS, who was airing Live at the Acropolis! He (and Karen Briggs) were awesome, it was a life changing event.....especially when I later stumbled upon the YMB on on the Internet. Big Grin

"Remember, for all creatures great and small, it's their world too."
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Yanni Fan
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I'd not seen this subject...

I discovered Yanni 12 years ago during a publicity to the television, I'd while 15 old years. I fell in love with her music in some minutes and I bought his album " Tribute ".
In the period I learnt alone the guitar but before it I was self-taught in the keyboard but we always prevented me from going.So, I live my dream through Yanni.
Today I always make a little guitar and keyboard but I don't know how to compose any more (I have enough time to recover it), and I learn alone the violin.
I hope that Yanni knows the luck which he has to be self-taught and what he often thanks his parents for having allowed him to dedicate himself to the music.

L'émerveillement est le premier pas vers le respect

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Yanni Fan
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It was back in 1996, it was quite a sad year as my Father who I loved so dearly developed Cancer. One night my Husband turned on PBS and was watching Yanni. He called me into the living room and the next thing I knew I was totally mesmerized for the next 2 hours. Yannis music drew on each and every heartfelt emotion I had at that time. His music without words played to my own feelings an my own life in such a way that I have never experienced before. Ever since I fell in love with all of his music. I always loved the piano my whole life and he inspired me to learn to play. Needless to say I have a long long road ahead but I just love it so. Thank you Yanni for touching my life with your talent and inspiring me too.
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