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While I was on trip few days ago...

I visited my good friends. As we talked about music and latest gear, forums and such, friend's wife wanted to hear some Yanni while we were preparing lunch.

They keep large screen in their kitchen, not very gastro wise but, without it, I would probably miss this charade.

She decided, for our atmosphere background, Acropolis Live concert DVD would fit nicely.

Some food, some great foods, lots of laugh and for a few moments I've dedicated my complete attention to his performance. He was playing : Witin Attraction

Since he performed mostly from Yamaha grand, good thing that this was Synth setup playing. I thought, This can't be! Not in this exquisite space, not with so many people, not with this orchestra? This is impossible?

I've never seen this concert, only heard the CD. I left the table, took that remote and wanted to prove myself that this is not happening?

Opening Santorini track was all that I needed, because it was completely played from synths. Revolting, that is all I can say. Every synth piece was fake \:\(

Unless, I need magnifying glasses? ;\)

Even the vocals on Aria are faked. Great, all this and now even playback bonus!

Since every synth display was off, my question is this?

1) They deliberately chose this way, so that those who know/understand this are not troubled with additional "simulation" of active synths. Some last stage of professional integrity?

2) In all this preparations and touring and moneymaking plans … they forgot about this?

3) They think that Yanni's audience is not very bright to care about this?

I remember he had several CNN interviews where he spoke in great detail about his orchestra. How they cared for preparing every single detail. Now I wonder, for what?

Had he sat down with his audience and listened this orchestra performing his music, it would be more gracious to everyone. I'm really allergic to such stunts.

If anyone has this DVD I would like to hear your comments?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.


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