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Yanni Fan
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"The sound of holding on - almost a whisper"
"I don't have all the answers to your sad prayers..."
{of course!}
"But if I could..."
{But you can! Of course, you can...}

Hi Yanni!!!!
Happy b/day and Happy EVERY day!!! ;-)
I must say, I liked your new album, the new songs/tunes.
Of course it isn't 'yours', like any piece of art isn't of the artist. (In my mind, I use to say "ah, this is Handel of the Messiah", when I hear the respective tune... and then I realize that it is certainly the Messiah who created Handel.)
By the way...
A little favor: the casa-for-children [] still does not have a PayPal option. But you can make a little donation on my behalf, buddy ...and I'll give it to you... whenever God permits.
Just five bucks will do. Just once. It's symbolic...
I, too, have - sort of - been abused and neglected. We... or most of us have been there, others deeply, others less...
Well, actually, this "What You Get" tune... expresses pains that were being recorded in my cells for decades and... after doing some "recap" (retrospect) I said "wow, this is me in ongoing pain!". Ender Thomas (because I think it's his voice in the tune) is doing an excellent job there!!!
And you... had that inspiration... to come to name it this way. It really fits my experience because... (if you remember I once told you) I tried to do good and... "look what I got". What I got was pains that were not surfacing sensorially, because they had been too much on the first place.
But they were there – underneath – doing their work as chronic inflammation.
So… being able to connect again – no matter how painful that is – one way (retrospect) or another (music-listening), is literally a procedure of having my sensorial centers re-opening (flourishing), it is literally a sensuous chill… taking place at the respective ‘cortex’.
I am smiling cunningly (impishly) now, thinking that… may be, after all, you ARE an efficient psychologist. …That is so, as long as you "connect", you feel compassion, or even (what is called in English as… - but is named completely differently in our language) empathy.

It was "the Bowl" (Lunar Day), that day (when "I Got What I Got"... and because of that... even what I had been trying on the first place -- to attract kids' attention to a good purpose -- became a bad 'track'... and so, attracting attention was upsetting for me, ever after). The Lunarium [] says "Broken dishes and spilled liquid are signs of suffering and loneliness."
And yes, people (kids then, adults now) are still lonely and unhappy. Because they missed that gesture which wanted to express through me, the gesture of "... connection to the cosmic energy of love, divine revelations, purification of thoughts, fulfillment of prayers, comfort, {and yes...} the victory of wisdom over the mind and senses."...

May this place be blessed... and may God honor you... to be able to be its noble host.

{due to and because of the inevitable Constellation -- yes, the wind-organ heard in there, coming and going in "waves" (I think it is a Farfisa, but I'm not an expert), really does help with asthmatic episodes... It is like an assisting breath and it is of great relief.}

PS. Have been editing some lyrics, on and on… They’re nice. May be one day I’ll share.

PPS. Enjoy every day - your "today". And consider yourself as favored (with gratitude) for this little, simple joy… The little and humble are the most essential.

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Yanni Fan
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Yanni Fan
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Does Yanni have any plans for a concert in Greece in 2018?

Andreas Matsas
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Hello Andreas. There has been no mention of a concert in Greece yet. Stay tuned to for updates.

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