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Yanni birthday

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November 08, 2014, 03:20 PM
Jana Bendová
Yanni birthday
Dear precious Yanni,
Wish you all the best to your birthday, lots of love and happiness and may the Lord bless you and protect you, and keep you in great health.
Here is a little gift for you.
Spirit of Light
From the light of love I had made you before,
to place you in the world Ihad blessed you.
I had chosen for you special gifts, to be found again in the soul within.
I let you to be born in a simple loving place,
that your soul would be nourished with wisdom and loving caring ways.
I let you grow by your faith and tested your endurance, gratitude and faith.
I let you taste the feeling of fame and learn to trust in yourself.
I never left your side, when difficulties and pain broke your tender heart, for I carried you in My arms.
I hold your gentle heart and knew the test shall pass,and I knew you will not disappoint the heavens above.
The beauty had to go out day by day, but without breaking and learning of real value would end up in vain.
All the pains and losses were for a reason, to make ready a deep soul for a season.
The pains and thorns bloom into wisdom and beauty, with each note you cheer up the souls of weary.
The gratitude of your soul,speaks louder than a spoken word.
The love you were exposed to, reflect the depth of your soul soothing the hearts around the world.
You are like a wine growing in my palms as long as you don't turn away from your path.
Never forget what is in thy hands, for I had placed there and it cannot be changed.
I had pick you up from many , that your gifts change attitude of many.
Even if you feel at times your branches get tired and weary, there is a strength within and above that you can trust daily.
The passion and faith that grow each day, give you strength when hardship cometh your way.
Each year you will face a new challenge, keep your dreams fresh and time in silence, for your notes carry the light and chase the darkness.
I had raised you up for a reason, to bring out the love, beauty and wisdom.
The freedom of your soul has power of its own, the love and peace that human souls feel,bring faith and unity to this broken wounded world starving for love and liberty.

With love and appreciaton Jana