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Last night as I sat relaxing and reflecting on the challenging week I've had, these words just started coming at me. I wrote them down as they came. This is a tribute to my beautiful daughter, Amy.

For Amy

Tonight I waited for you to come home,
Silence fell quiet over the house.
Where once there was laughter
And the sound of music filled your room
Your voice so soft and sweet as you talked to friends on the phone.
The laughter and giggles replaced by eerie quiet and stillness now.

I thought I heard your key slip into the door
Followed by footprints left no more
She's gone, my daughter so dear to me.
Those days of skinned knees and giggles
Will never pierce this air again.
She's gone, my daughter so sweet

Mom, I'm off to college to get my degree
But I'll be home at breaks and over the summer to work
I feel like a jerk as I stand here and cry
Clutching an old toy that once filled your heart with joy.

She's off and into the world now.
Never will it be the same
For now my little girl has gone away.
Replaced by a woman whom I don't know.
Wanting to desperately love you so.
Wishing to turn the clocks back for one more look on my little girls face.
But alas, that's not to be.

I waited for the sound of your key.
Silence was what filled the air.
For my little girl she is not there.
Gone forever are those days.
Lost forever in a golden haze.
Replaced now by the woman you've come to be.
I love you Amy, come home to me.

Beth 6/14/2008
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Yanni Fan
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((((Beth)))) This is a lovely, heartfelt poem. I have a grandson about to enter the teen years and how I wish I could just keep the sweet, innocent child...but that isn't how life goes.

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Yanni Fan
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Beth, as I told you by e-mail, this is such a wonderful & God given writing. I'm so glad you poured from your heart & soul, & posted it. The truth & love that you feel is definitely felt from this writing.

Every day is a 'new' day, full of opportunities, adventure and a chance to make your dreams come true ©

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This is lovely Beth, and one can certainly feel many things from the writing. From this, one can certainly understand where you have been and what you wish to happen, as you have opened up your heart in a most special way. Good job.

Love Reflected In Love. How Simple. It encompasses all.
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Beautiful Beth!
Big Hugs!
Much Love,
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Yanni Fan
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just wonderful....somebody pass the tissues!!!! Smiler

until the last moment,
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What a beautiful writing in honor of your daughter Amy. It truly shows your love for her. May she be able to veiw this one day to see and feel that.

All my best to you,
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