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Yanni Fan
Easter wish to Yanni
Dear precious Yanni,
Wish you very happy Easter, and also some time to rest and enjoy life. Wish you great time on tour and and divine protection, wellbeing and tons of love and His blessings.
I wrote a little poem for you hope you like it.

The love and light he gave
is like a love song of peace and kindness that never end.
He overcome the pain,
for He knew what humandkind will gain.
He broke the wals of traditions,
to show us real love and submitions.
Divine love that sets us free,
showing us the road of light and eternity.

With love and appreciation
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Yanni Fan
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Amen Angel Yanni will love this sweetie. GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOD GAVE YOU A REAL GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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