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October 12, 2008 - Sunday

It is indeed a wondrous day. I prepared for church in the usual way, but a couple of things were different, unconscious, but different. Removal of all jewelry, a stripping, so to speak, as I come to know now. As I passed through my room, there was an inexplicable urge to safely tuck a very special gift into my pocket; it felt comforting to return this item to the place it held for so long.

I sat alone in church, as usual; I sang louder than I have in a long time; I closed my eyes and felt the music that held unmemorized lyrics...I felt the Presence. During the sermon, the pastor looked straight into MY eyes and spoke; I could not break the connection; I returned the gaze, and I listened.

And for the first time, I was not afraid to stand when He called. I opened my heart and listened ever so hard, begging for a word, just for me. And, as the congregation prayed in unity, I "felt" a hand come down on my left shoulder, and then another on my right, the two places one carries one's burdens. Even though my eyes were closed tightly, a tear broke free. I was very conscious of the whole journey, from eye to hand. I waited, stripped and open to the message. A second tear dropped and then a third, coming to rest in the exact same spot as the first. 3 tears, just 3. The significance? I have 2 thoughts, but I think I will wait until I come to know His meaning.

I sit here now, my body numb, but my fingers flying over the keyboard. I am compelled to write this with high hopes for all who read it, that they may receive a message of their own.

With my heart open and a second one in my pocket, I was blessed. Thank you, Jesus. I will be back again tonight.

Sassy Kitty/Sister 101
Sanity is HIGHLY Overrated!
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What a Wondrous thing to happen!
You've been Blessed!
You always have been!

Much Love,
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Yanni Fan
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Kathy60, You are very courageous to share these thoughts here. Thank you. Smiler

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Thank you for sharing your 'Wondrous Day' with us. These God given times are precious.
God bless you,


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