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Is Yanni's "If I Could Tell you" album a gem or what? Login/Join 
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If I Could Tell You is a beautiful album of songs; my favorites being If I Could Tell You and Midnight Hymn. It's so hard to single out one particular song, as all of Yanni's music is beautiful and unique. That's why I adore him. My brother Paul who passed away on February 26, 2005 from cancer wrote "Poetry in Motion" as I mentioned before. After listening to Yanni's music he said, "it's nice but too percussive."
I answered, I love it because of its UNIQUENESS because of the blend of many instruments that one might not think of introducing. It's beautiful and different. I love the unconventional.

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Carol D...thanks! I sure couldn't figure it out. But if I had read the earlier post thoroughly enough and comprehended the song titles, it would have made more sense to me! Oh well! Ethnicity & IICTY are both awesome! Thanks again for responding to me.


Love and Hugs,

~Hi Ho Songbird~

Life doesn't give us chances...Life is our chance to give ~ from a Ziggy cartoon
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SmilerYa know, we've talked about this IICTY cd is so smooth running thru to the end but when Wishing Well comes on..don't you just have to dance? Next to Niki Nana its the coolest most energetic for me. I've really got some fancy native footwork involved in this one. I've been standing here ironing ALL freakin morning, I'm on Yanni's 4th cd which is IICTY, and that song came on and I always get a good few minute workout. Also, I'd be willing to bet, (since we were also taliking about Yanni chanting) I betcha I heard his voice in there too!! Eeker How can you not sing along to a song like that? Big Grin

note: What is up with these teen girls skirts these days.... Frownermy iron is wider than most of my daughters shirts and some tops?? EekerOMG
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I was so excited to read all of your comments about IICTY. It has become my FAVORITE also. I thought I was the only one...silly me!

Last summer when my husband had a serious stroke I drove over 50 miles each way each day for three weeks to be with him. I drove thru horrible Atlanta traffic and I'm no lover of that kind of driving AT ALL!! But I did listen to IICTY each day each way.

Once my husband was at home I tucked the CD away. I thought, I'll never be able to listen to it again. The memories of the fear for him, for me, for our family that I had while driving back and forth, I thought would always accompany the music I had listened to each day.

But months later I decided I needed to hear it again. I was so swept away with the calm, peace, comfort and joy that I heard again, that I now can not go one day without listening to it. In fact, I have it in my bedside "CD Walkman" with earphones, and fall asleep to it each night.

By far my most favorite piece is "The Flame Within". Each and every time I hear it, I feel the strength I need to keep going on. I guess that's what got me thru the driving miles and fear of the unknown while I was visiting my husband in the hospital.

My husband has recovered a good deal, but he will forever be a different person. We are still adjusting to this change in our lives. I have learned that I do have the "flame" neccessary to deal with what life has in store for me....and IICTY is the constant reminder. It is my lifeline!!

What is really, really funny is that I had seen the cover of this CD with Yanni's georgousness for literally years (posted on a coworkers locker in our breakroom) before I ever had a clue what Yanni was or what the MUSIC sounded like. Some of us are just slow learners. Wink Better late than never, for sure.

PS I do wake up to IN THE MORNING LIGHT each morning on my CD alarm clock!!

Keep listening. Cool Barbijoy
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I am reading all these posts, especially the one by Barbijoy and cannot help but wonder if Yanni realizes what hope, support and pleasure his music has brought. It's so amazing that everyone on this board and other fans react almost the same way and express similar feelings. I find it so fascinating, but true. Yanni has truly given us a gift and added such joys to all our lives. That's quite an accomplishment for one person. He is definitely blessed and we are so fortunate to be the recipients of such beautiful music and thoughts.

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<Angel Lotus>
Hi everyone! Awhile back I posted something about this CD -- If I Could Tell You. I had started my own string, but was new to the board at the time.

I have responded before to the strings you all have started about this particular recording.

I agree that there is a certain mystery in IICTY. Perhaps there was meant to be one. If so, then it makes Yanni that much more intriguing doesn't it? And that simply because of the unique style on this CD that is a bit of a departure from his other CDs. It coincides with a time in his life when he was going through difficult emotions and burnout. I think it is an expression of very private and deep emotions some of which might be conflicting. But I also think the music on this CD has a particular inspiration, perhaps a person or group of people special to Yanni. What do you think? Is that a possibility or even a probability? Maybe?

The title song touches me in ways that cannot be expressed with words. There is a personal touch to this song that is tender, full of love, full of understanding, yet also full of sorrow. It causes me to wonder what the story is behind the compostion of this music. I'm sure others wonder what inspires Yanni's music.

There is more depth in this music than in some of the music I heard on other albums. There is a richness to it, a maturity. It is as if with time and personal growth, Yanni's music has kept pace and grown with him. Most of the other music I have of Yanni's is lighter and somewhat playful, or intense and passionate, some is majestic.

This CD runs the gamut of all of love's expressions, complete with the complexity of the pain that often accompanies love. It is a mature love that chooses to love despite the fluctuation of day-to-day emotions, yet it contains all of those emotions in the music. Yet there is an underlying sorrow in the title song and in "In Your Eyes". I wonder why, don't you?
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