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My favourite album is usually the one I'm listening to at the time

ditto, Anne... and mine right now is The Concert Event, especially, Enchantment! Smiler

When I listen to Enchantment, I feel like I am right next to the ocean! Smiler


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Hey there people Smiler
how is it going with best album picking thingy!? Big Grin

No one is to blame, Seren, crackedeggg, 21st (thats ur name now to us by the way :P )
that's just the beauty of the thing, u go from one place to another, best album to sound recording to football to rah rah (u still can do them PattyB its my topic!:P) (regards to admins hehe!)

and crackedeggg,
u must pick one Big Grin

Later mates..
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Yanni, Yanni, Yanni.....We love all your music as you can see here. All are our favorites!!! Wink

"Look at the sunset. If it pleases you, you're a happy man." - Yanni

Love Is All
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Okay Quite Man, if you insist...hmmm, I think Ethnicity. There's simply not a single piece on that album that I don't feel. But I also agree that when I'm in a quiet mood, In My Time is a masterpieceSmiler
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Just wanted to take a moment to say hello to 21st, too. It's lovely to see you in the spaces of the YMB. Welcome!

You seem to have a strong knowledge base for sound and music, there are members here who do, too which should make for some interesting conversations for you. I look forward to reading them!

There are two albums that are sentimental favorites for me.

The first is "If I Could Tell You." Although I, too, love the live performances I've always considered this album to be precious. It has the emotions, and feel, of work one does to bring themselves to a better understanding of who they are. It's also the album that returned Yanni to us after that long, quiet, period of time, that in itself means so much!

And the second is "Live at the Acropolis." I once heard someone speak of the album as a part of Yanni's destiny and meant to be. How true that feels! It was an album that signified return for Yanni, also; to his homeland and history and to his family and friends. It's impossible not to get caught up in that musical celebration and in the magic of those moments!
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