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Our Days by Chloe and Leslie

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March 30, 2011, 05:54 AM
Our Days by Chloe and Leslie
I wish to say something about the song Our Days by Chloe and Leslie.
Many times I have heard it referred to as a sexual/sensual song etc.
I have a different twist on the interpretation,

I think it is more of a creation song.

When Chloe steps in for the first time and drops the skirt she has on and climbs upon the piano and Yanni is leading her on, my idea is that he is using his music to bring out her creativity in dancing and self awareness. He keeps motioning to her and then when he touches her the fire starts and she becomes extremely animated.

Yanni continues to move her in directed ways through his music.

Then Leslie comes on the scene singing (more creative gestures) She and Chloe begin a dance duet with the fire still burning in the background. Then finally Leslie sings "Leave it all behind" as a way to calm Chloe or to have her dream of other ways to call out to her creativity.
That is how I see this song.

It is certainly sensual in one sense but I find it to be mostly about creativity.
Thanks for reading and listening everyone !