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Has anybody purchased this? I want to know the level. Is it REALLY difficult or anyone should be able to play the songs with a bit of practice?

I'm thinking about getting it but I am just about to start on the piano, my main instrument is Bass Clarinet but I rarely touch a piano, maybe I should wait?

Yanni, pure genius...
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Yanni Fan
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Hi Warriorfan,

If you are just beginning to play piano, I would hold off on this book although to purchase it and hang onto it would be good cerebral exercise until you are ready. There is a very nice bio of Yanni at the beginning of the book.

If you purchase the book, check out "Felitsa", treble clef-(right hand). Just playing a few of the notes will get you motivated to try more because you already love the music.

The notation is a larger print such as you see in many beginning piano books however; as we all know the music itself can be very complicated. Playing the notes is one thing but bringing in the dynamics and emotion is quite another and if you try the music too soon, you may not be satisfied with what you hear and get frustrated.

As with most new piano music, I like to study it or read through it without a piano several times before I try to play it so if you do purchase the book now, take some time to look over the music first and then try to work out a couple lines with your right hand. Don't rush, good luck and have fun!
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Am just getting into this book although I've been playing with a couple of the others for a few years. The music in this one is astonishing and I highly recommend to anyone.

Just for fun, Simon & Garfunkel's Greatest Hits for piano brings back old and new memories.

Both are amazing. LOVE
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warriorfan, if you really want and you're really determined to begin playing some of yanni's song, believe me,anythings possible!.. i remember my first yanni piano song was "one man's Dream" and i only had about 10 months playing the piano and the types of songs i played were "mary had a little lamb" and those type of easy songs, but you see, i really really was desperate in playing something more than that and with out my piano teacher, i tried my veery best in learning "one man's dream" and at the end of the summer i already knew it all!.. so believe me, if i can, anybody can too!
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