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You are right Linda.NPR...........

We Love Music Because We Love Yanni.
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Hi William.

If you are talking about the section of "Renegade" where it speeds up after the slow, more ballad-like progression finishes and Pedro and Karen begin their duel, then it's called "cut time".

Many rock and pop artists across the years and in many countries (as well as R&B and dance/electronic artists) have done this, but it first began in classical and traditional folk (Celtic) and Latin music. Therefore, I think it's no coincidence that "Renegade" has both Celtic and Latin flavors.

Another Yanni piece that goes into "cut time" to showcase the solo musicians is "The Rain Must Fall" as performed on Live at the Acropolis.

Cut time means that the song stays in the same time signature, but the chord progression happens twice as fast and the beat hits every two beats instead of every four.

I've played the song many, many times myself and that's the only section that I can think of that offers any drastic change, other than where it gets quieter before the melody repeats.

Hope this helps.

Violinist Omar Lopez and his band are a powerful live experience in sound, energy, and passion. Omar's music is available in CD or mp3 (digital download) format from CD Baby - just go to CDBaby. You can also listen to his music on his Official MySpace Music Page!
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Wow. Thank you, Omar. That's EXACTLY the section of Renegade I'm referring to.

"Cut time" it is. I'm in your debt, sir.

Music without emotion is simply math.
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Music is Maped out with letters. a simple example would be aba the song would start with a theme (a) and would have another secton that sounds a bit different (b) and then repeat the first secton. Another exampil is "STANDING IN MOTION" wich is ababc the a is the intro with the tyco drums and the minor keyed theme.the b is when they sitch to the rlative major key and the mood lightens up. then its the spokey minor keyed secton again flowed by the a secton again.then it has the finale with the big brass and the short drum solo. Yeah i'm a big music nerd Smiler
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