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Yanni Fan
hello everybody,my name is mike,,iam from jordan and i live in the u.s in california,iam a biggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg yanni fan,,i love yanni and iam so happy of been a member on yanno board now,,i start listning to yanni in 1995,and iam 27 years old now,,and i remember some of my friends use to tell me how can u listen to this type of music,,ur ganna get old soon,,lol,,but i didnt care and i use to tell them that they dont know what they'r talking about ,,and i finally made half of them loves yanni,,and they use to call me yanni,,i was known at wortk and in the street and everywere by yanni,,,lol,with all the respect to yanni's fans ,,but i really dont think that anybody loves yanni as much as i love him,,i honestly believe that yanni is the best musician of all time,,no one is better than yanni ,,,not even beethoven,,,no one and i mean it,,no one have ever done what yanni have done so far ,,hes the greatest musician in the history,,and i spent 7 to 8 hours daily online just searching and listning to hes great music,,i love u yanni ,,,and sorry for my english,,iam trying to do my best,,but iam sure that everybody will understand the fact that i have been in the u.s for only 3 years,,,when i entered the u.s 3 years ago with my wife,,she asked me ,,well,,now ur in calif,,so where do u want me to take u? and i said ,,,take me to all music stores to c if i can find something new for,,and she didn't believe what she have heared from me,,,i dream about him,,i just wish if ther was more dvd's from yanni,,i love yanni and i can answer any question about hes music or anything,i know about him more than my family's history lol,,and actually i have found some pic's of music for him on the web that was never seen before and i will publish the web on here soon ,,,take care everybody and i will talk to u guys soon Smiler
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Yanni Fan
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Hi MIke! Im sure that all would love to see what you have collected on Yanni. Everybody loves him for what he has created in the music world and in the world in general. He speaks a universal language that we all understand. By the way your english isnt at all bad. Love to all Victoria Smiler
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Hi Mike_Yanni , Welcome To YMB I Wish To Continue in Making The People Who Don`t Know Yanni Love Him.
With Best Wishes From Syria................

We Love Music Because We Love Yanni.
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hi mike!
im glad to hear from u that u love yanni cos its the same for me and also for every yanni fans in this forum Big Grin
if u want to make pics about your yanni collection u can go there: YANNI COLLECTION TOPIC
we put every our yanni collectin there

"Love is all"
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