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I have the Tribute CD/DVD and Ethnicity CD. Both have wonderful music, but I'm so drawn to Tribute. The music on that CD is absolutely wonderful. The Ethnicity Tour was my first and I'm hopelessly hooked. I'm assuming there was a USA tour for Tribute. The music from these two is so different and what I want to ask, if you attended both of these tours, how do they compare for you personally? Even if you didn't attend either concert and own both CDs, I'd be interested in opinions on both. Ethnicity has a world flavor about it to me and brings together all cultures which I love. Tribute has quite a few beautiful songs plus songs that you just have to move to. I really enjoy listening to Tribute on my little portable CD player with headphones on, hands cupped over my ears, and eyes closed. It really takes me away. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks
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Hi Sawsir,

I attended both concerts, the second several times.

It's hard for me to compare because, like Yanni, during those tours I was in two wildly divergent places in my life. For me Tribute was an awakening and for that reason it holds very special meaning.

On the other hand the Ethnicity/Yanni Live tours have been more of a reaffirmation of what happened during the Tribute tour.

Thinking about this I'm coming to this conclusion:

During Tribute, Yanni's music protected and supported me at a time when life was scary, painful and pretty much unwanted. During that time it helped me find a way to connect to the energy of life again after a very long and dangerous separation from it.

More recently, Yanni's music helps me connect with my courage. Its positive emotion helps remind me of my own potential. And to some extent, knowing some of the story behind the music furthers that.

So in both cases Yanni's music keeps me connected to life and to my own self. I think, and this is after talking to a lot of people, that you get out of the music exactly what you need at any given moment. That's some really amazing music! Smiler
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Great response Bonnie. Its nice to see you go into detail on certain subjects. It helps to get to know you better. I know what you mean about connection. Yanni's music has made me realize just how precious life is, how special people are from all over the planet. It has given me more self esteem to take on things and to go with it, to be creative.
The music from both Tribute and Ethnicity greatly affect me. One as much as the other, with just a little different flavor from each.
I truely love all of it, and although I did not attend Tribute, I feel like I did after watching the dvd probably a thousand times. Unfortunately I did not discover Yanni until Ethnicity. I attended that concert as well as Yanni Live and I love it all!! I have all his music now, and not a half a day goes by where I don't listen to it. I am so grateful I did discover him, especially at this point in my life where I needed something new and exciting. I have never had as many goose bumps in my life as I have had these last two years listening to his music.
This whole "Yanni world" is absolutely amazing and I am completely honored and proud to be a part of it and all of you here on this message board.
Take care,

Sawsir2, I'm there too, with the headphones smashed into my ears with both hands, with my eyes closed, and even with an occasional tear streaming down my face. Mostly tears of pure joy.
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Good Question Sawsir!

I must say though, that my "first love" is LATA, and you know how first loves are - that concert will always be my favorite.

Tribute is truly awesome too and I love it! So much energy! I blast it and can get a lot done with it! Smiler Same with Royal Albert Hall which ecclectic of LATA and Tribute.

But, I've not seen the Ethnicity concert, and only have the CD. I think it is good, but so different, and its honestly still growing on me. My feelings may be different if I'd seen the concert so I can't wait to see the Yanni Live video, especially with the mix of old and new tunes. I'm hoping, seeing it in concert, for those same exhilarating feelings that I get from the earlier music.


"We are not human beings having a temporary spiritual experience.....We are spiritual beings having a temporary human experience".
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Crackeggg, Terrysown, Louise25 thanks so much for your thoughts on my question about Tribute/Ethnicity CD/DVD/Tours. I was pleasantly surprised to see this back. I love you all sharing your feelings and thoughts on the effect/affect the music has on you and your lives. Louise25, I listened to little blips of the Ethnicity CD online before I attended the concert, my first. I already had other CDs prior to that concert and I was uncertain about this new CD until I attended the concert. Of course, I was blown away and did buy it soon after. The members here on YMB get it, understand it, the music/the meaning. I wish the people in my "real world" were the same.
Again, thanks for your replies and have a wonderful week.
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I feel the weave/connection between the past and the present on Tribute and Ethnicity. Tribute brings back memories and Ethnicity gives me a meaning to live in the present and to be grateful for all I have and to enjoy life as it is. Smiler

Marie Lena!

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I attended the 1995 Acropolis tour, the 1998 Tribute tour, and several concerts in the 2003/2004 Ethnicity tours.

The 1995 Acropolis tour is what I would consider the "classic" material... the stuff that made Yanni who he is now. The music that made him famous, because it was a program consisting primarily of music from Live at the Acropolis as well as music from Dare to Dream (Desire, Love for Life, Nice to Meet You) and the first live version of Niki Nana.

The Tribute tour was on a more worldly, ethnic, grand scale, and both this tour and the Acropolis tour were VERY orchestrated. The strings had very interesting, melodic, and driving parts, as did the horn sections.

Ethnicity Live was not as orchestral, a lot of it felt very synthesized as you could not hear the small string section very well, and the music was much more modern as today's tastes and trends in music go. However, it was still a great tour and an awesome show. "Ethnicity" didn't mean that there were as many world flavors, since I think Tribute took that cake.

Ethnicity was a reflection of the diversity of musical sounds coming out of the songs - Yanni was using his similar writing style, but using a greater variety of ethnic instruments never before used (Paraguayan harp, dulcimer, the gypsy violins of Armen and Samvel, and of course Pedro's classic variety of winds) to convey the themes rather than Yanni's traditional style of using keys, synths, violins, etc.

Each tour was special in its own way, but I must say my favorite is still the 1995 tour of Acropolis's music. Ethnicity and Tribute are both tied as #2.

Violinist Omar Lopez and his band are a powerful live experience in sound, energy, and passion. Omar's music is available in CD or mp3 (digital download) format from CD Baby - just go to CDBaby. You can also listen to his music on his Official MySpace Music Page!
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Wow, I was surprised to see this back up. Life, thanks so much for your post. It was very interesting to read your take on each of these tours.
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