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Hello everyone,

First off, this string is by no means being started out of disrespect for Muse. We all miss her and we all want her back – no denying that fact. However, I don’t feel it’s fair to the new “Voices” and their blossoming careers to be dragged through this turmoil. They’re young, they’re impressionable, and they’re all counting on us to be there through thick and thin, good times and bad.

So, out of respect for YMusic Muse and knowing how she is still very dedicated to Yanni and the “Voices”, please let’s all band together and make her proud by showing our support for ALL of them.

I was extremely busy and having a stressful day at work and after many weeks I finally plugged in my iPod and listened to Yanni’s music and the new pieces that we have been able to download. I must say that I was totally blown away by the change in my mood, my emotions and my overall feelings for what was going on. I let a couple of die-hard country fans listen to Nathan and Ender and to say they were extremely impressed is an understatement. They even asked where they could buy the new CDs and all I could was smile tell them was ‘not yet’ but you can come to the Fan Club and hop on over to the Message Board and make some new friends. Big Grin I got many positive remarks about not just Nathan and Ender but Leslie and Chloe as well – not to mention a few new fans looking in Yanni’s direction. Smiler

So again, to make Muse proud I’d love to see all of us show her just how classy a group of fans she has proudly lead all these years. Smiler

Thank you Muse for once again making Yanni and the Voices a part of my life.

x/o Kathrine

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I've heard & seen many changes in Yanni & his music through the decades, so I'm again looking forward to collecting more music; now with "Voices". As soon as the CDs are available, I'm buying them. I also pray that I can make it to a concert, should it happen where I can afford to travel. May Yanni, the music, his new voices & YMB keep on going.

Every day is a 'new' day, full of opportunities, adventure and a chance to make your dreams come true ©

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I love Yanni and his music. I will always support Yanni in any direction he decides to take his music.

I trust Yanni that when the concerts come I will be fantasticly surprised as always!!!!

You go Yanni and I'll be right behind you!!!
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Hi Kathrine...

It's nothing but pure "syncronicity" ... WOW! Smiler

I "echo" your thoughts, Kathrine, and tonight, being in a somewhat "sentimental" mood, I have been listening to a collection of Yanni compositions, and no doubt, he is a brilliant maestro!

Maestro means "master" or "teacher"... It is used in English to designate a master in an artistic field - usually someone who has gained enough knowledge within that field to be able to teach students successfully, though the term may sometimes be conferred through sheer respect for an artist's works.

I know in my heart that Nathan, Ender, Leslie and Chloe are excited about their career direction now having Yanni as their "teacher"! And, I continue to love Yanni's music more and more...

And, yes, thanks to YMusicMuse! I support all of them! Cheers!

I can hardly wait for Yanni's upcoming concert tour... it's a BLAST! And, it will be so nice to meet old friends as well as new ones!

In the spirit of Yanni's music...



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Kathrine, I was having some of the same thoughts today about the Voices. I went in search on the net for information about Nathan and posted a link in his area here on the board. I really cannot wait to get some of the new music and I really hope we can get a little more bio info on each - ages, education background, family life, that sort of thing. I'd also like to see some bio info on Ric Wake. I don't want to invade anyone's privacy, but knowing something about them (as we do about Yanni growing up in Greece, etc.) would help us connect with each of them and the life experiences that help shape their musical expressions. All four of the young people are so talented! Smiler

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Very nice of you Kathrine

The Voices are beautiful and should compliment Yanni's great music and we are looking forward to a wonderful Concert soon!!! Eeker Wink Eeker

"Look at the sunset. If it pleases you, you're a happy man." - Yanni

Love Is All
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Very thoughtful of you Kathrine,

I think it is very nice of Yanni to give these talanted young artist this opportunity. They all look so excited on their interviews and I love when Chloe says Yanni is not afraid and I am not afraid. When she says he tells her to get up to the Mike. I think they are really learning alot.

I love all of Yannis instrumental and glad he will not stop composing instrumental, but it will also be nice to have some of his songs to sing along too. Smiler You know how we think we sound good when singing along and boy if someone turns the music down, well that's another story. LOL! Smiler I wish Yanni alot of success with his new project. He has given us so much absolutley beautiful music over the years and how could we wish anything but the best for him.

Thanks Yanni for all the beautiful music you have given us and for bringing us all together on this messageboard. Wink

Peace be with you

Folks will know how large your soul is by the way you treat a dog.
Charles F. Duran

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Well we know we have one very classy, very blonde moderator around here.

Kathrine you did what I could not figure out how to do and you did it so well. Thank you.

Muse, we cannot forget you and how classy you have always been.

I love the new music. It is difficult to imagine a tour without Muse to give us her wonderful tour diaries. I hope someone can give us information about these wonderful young artists who deserve our support. They have worked very hard and as Yanni said "Only extraordinary people are here."

I still love the instrumental music most but I think the upcoming concerts and CDs are going to be spectacular from what we've seen so far. I'm looking forward to them!
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Very nice string Kathrine.

I can't wait to hear all the new music Yanni has in store for us. Remember he stated in one of the videos he has a bunch of new compositions, like 80 or more. Smiler So we have alot more coming our way. Smiler

I've had alot of fun being on the street team and creating sites and getting the word out about Yanni & the Voices. Smiler Ender, Chloe, Leslie & Nathan are soo talented!

I noticed on one of the Google Yanni Alerts a person commented about all their "firsts".

Well, they said one of their firsts was a Yanni concert and they stated they loved the show. I went in and commented on their blog because they had mentioned Yanni "WAS" a seasoned performer. WAS???? I had to correct that so I posted and they came back and said some really nice comments. Check out the link and see what they wrote. My reply is under 1 and their reply is under post number 4.


I look forward to staying on the street team. It's fun and also I love Yanni's music! I've met some really great friends because of his music and have some great memories as do other fans.

Can't wait for the fun to begin again, the concerts and the excitement, hearing the new Voices!!!! You have MY support! Wink

Yanni Street Team Leader Midwest
I'm the one who forgets to take the LENS CAP off of the camera Big Grin
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a heartfelt thank you kathrine, for setting a foundation for us to feel able to acknowledge our respect and support of muse, her leadership, and support of yanni, while allowing us to return our focus to being unrestrained and open-hearted in our support of yanni, ric, these talented and deserving 'voices', and the stunning music they have co-created! this is exactly how this journey needs to be.
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