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Yanni Fan
While everybody enjoys the thrilling new music and developments lets say a big Three Cheers to Ric Wake for the amazing work he and Yanni have created together.

Also, stumbled upon this 2005-'06 article on the internet. Thought Yanni's fans would appreciate reading this...


In an industry that has its fair share of multi-talented multi-hyphenates, it's worth noting the career of Ric Wake. Ric presides over a vast musical empire: one that encompasses The W&R Group, a thriving production company, Notation Music, a publishing division which oversees the work of 30 songwriters and whose success include covers by Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony, and Celine Dion, and two state of the art recording studios.

Yet it's not just his keen business savvy that has helped secure Ric's reputation in the music industry. He has been a highly successful producer and remixer since the late 80s, when he first hooked up with newcomer Taylor Dayne and masterminded a string of Top 10 and number one hits for her, among them "Tell It To My Heart", "I'll Always Love You" and "Love Will Lead You Back".

Since that auspicious beginning, Ric has showed little signs of slowing down or, more importantly, losing his platinum creative touch. Among the lengthy list of projects that Ric has been involved with are Mariah Carey's #1 pop single "Someday" (from her Grammy winning debut) and both production and remix work on the last four multi-platinum Celine Dion CDs, including Grammy winner "Falling Into You" and her last blockbuster "Let's Talk About Love".

These days, when Ric's not running his companies, or hitting clubs to scout out new talent, he can be found in the studio working with Grammy winning country star Ginuwine, Marc Anthony, and Anastacia. His work on Jennifer Lopez's multi-platinum debut "On the 6" earned him a Grammy nomination in the "Best Dance Song" category for the Top-10 hit "Waiting For Tonight". Their collaboration proved successful again when the song "Love Don't Cost A Thing" which Ric produced, topped the charts in the U.S. and abroad, and became the most requested video on the MTV show "TRL" for several weeks. The single's amazing strength helped Jennifer's sophomore album "J-Lo" enter the charts at #1 in 16 countries, including the U.S.

Last year, Ric scored his second Grammy Award for "Best Compilation Soundtrack Album" for producing the multi-platinum selling soundtrack to the Academy Award winning Miramax film "Chicago: The Musical". Ric traveled to London, Canada and even Romania to record with the actors (Renee Zellweger, Richard Gere, Catherine Zeta Jones, Queen Latifah and John C. Reilly), many of who were first time singers.
For this former musician turned mixer and producer, the notion of taking on all of these varied projects is both daunting but ultimately satisfying.

"I'm definitely wearing a lot of different hats," admits Ric, "The publisher hat, the record company hat, the producer hat, you name it. But the cool thing is that I think a lot of them really do work well together. The synergy between all those disparate jobs was why my partner and I decided to form [parent company] W&R Group because we both had ears for what make a good song and a hit record and we wanted to see that creative process through from the inception to the completion. "Plus," Ric smiles, "it's great to be able to find new talent and watch that career take off. We are looking to sign the next Babyface or Diane Warren - that's something we're shooting for."

It is his dedicated vision that motivated NARAS to honor Ric in 1998 for his production work, a honor that Ric is characteristically embarrassed and flattered by. "I feel it's a little soon in my career be honored", Ric says humbly, "but I'm very happy."
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Ric is obviously very talented in many different aspects of the music industry. I've tried to find some info on him to find out who the man is - where he was born, etc. but have had little success - though I do think he lived in or is from Wales? I wish we could get a little personal bio on him (nothing too personal as he has his right to privacy). It would help us assimilate him into the project from the human factor side. He seems to be a very humble individual and he and Yanni obviously enjoy working together!

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Big Grin Ric Wake Rocks! Big Grin

That's what I've been trying to say all along!!! LOL

When it was announced that Yanni was going to be working with Ric, I nearly fell out my chair. I knew this was going to be a phenomenal project.

this whole project rocks!

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Now I look forward to the forum and video about Ric Wake. Smiler
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