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I do not know how to play music, nor am I one to critique any one's music, I only know what the music makes me feel and the images the music brings to my mind.
Please remember this as you read the following.

I have taken time to listen to the "Yanni Voices" over and over, and now I can hear, it truly is a beautiful Change!
At first I was shocked. I thought, Yanni's music has words now? What? How would that effect the music? How would that effect the emotions in the music? And, lastly, what would I listen to now? Yanni's music was so engraved in my mind, for it was a rock, something special that I could listen to that helped me get through the pain, and also in times of celebration. But, mostly through the pain of illness, and maybe that is why his music was such a part of me - my healing. I didn't want to let that go, selfish me, but it was not mine to begin with. I hope you understand.

I had done a great disservice to myself, Yanni, Ric Wake, and mostly "Yanni's Voices" and for that I am truly sorry.
I have spent much time listening to all I could of "Yanni's Voices" over and over, to change that engraved music I was so attached to. Now I have a new view and ear for the "Fantastic Yanni's Voices"!
They are not just "Yanni's Voices" any longer, for they have earned the right to be called The Great - Nathan Pacheco, Chloe, Ender Thomas, and Leslie Mills!

Of this great new music, so far my favorites are Desire, Nican, Change, and Theory Of Everything. There are more, but I do not know the titles of the songs and have only heard a little on the videos. One is very powerful by Nathan!
Nican invokes a taste "of flora and the country green" and a taste of, "Dance" in a celebration of Life & Love to the highest & most ancient regard.

I beg for the answer to one question, Yanni & Ric, where did you find these amazing Voices, on Mt. Helicon? Smiler

Many Blessings and a Grand Future to All of you!

Much Love,
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Yanni Fan
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You could not have said this with more eloquence!
This is the way I listened to the Yanni Voices.
And I too now feel how much they have added to Yanni's music... Have not we all noticed how Yanni makes the musicians all sound good. He knows how to bring out the best in them and us all.
I'm ready the YANNI VOICES TOUR!!!
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Hello Diana..You have described it in such a nice way! Hope you are doing well SmilerSmiler

the Squirrel
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