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  1. Members are expected to refrain from personal attacks and to report such attacks to moderators and administrators immediately.
  2. Members should seek permission before posting altered pictures of Yanni.
  3. If you believe a string or post contains inappropriate material, please report the post for administrative review.
  4. Do not post copyrighted material for which you do not own the copyright. You may provide links to other web sites for interviews, photos and other items which may be of interest.
  5. Do not link to images from other web sites if their Terms of Service forbids it.
  6. Yanni’s personal life (who he is dating, where he lives, etc.) is not an appropriate topic for discussion. If you have a question that you think may fall into this category, please check with the moderators before posting.
  7. Yanni Management and their designees may remove or edit any post deemed inappropriate without prior notification to the poster.
  8. Yanni Management reserves the right to reveal any and all known identifying information about members in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from posted messages.
  9. Yanni Management is not responsible for personal interactions between members, including but not limited to situations arising from purchases, meetings and emails. Please use discretion when emailing, meeting or otherwise contacting other members.
  10. Members are asked to be respectful of moderator and administrator requests and actions at all times. If a moderator makes such a request or takes an action and the affected member disagrees he/she may choose to contact an administrator for a final decision.
  11. Yanni Management may at any time revoke, suspend or limit members posting abilities. Members whose posting privileges have been altered may discuss the situation with Yanni Management representatives should they wish those privileges to be reinstated.
  12. Posting advertisements is not permitted. Posting advertisements will result in a warning and/or membership deletion. Some exceptions that may be permitted are:

    • If you're posting an introduction you may, within reasonable limits, post some information about your company, products, and/or services.
    • As an active member of the forum helping out other members, you may provide a link back to your Web site within your signature.

  13. In general, we will not permit solicitation from companies, distributors, or private individuals, with the exceptions listed above.